Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The Sloth

I read a line on a novel once that had a profound impact on my life. The line read,

"People started growing crops because going hunting without knowing you'd catch anything was a pain. People dug wells because going all the way to the river was a pain. Laziness is the mother of human progress."

Being a lazy person myself, I could resonate to this quote. I always tried to find the easiest way to do something or try to not do it all if that was possible. But as I'm growing up, I'm finding it hard to be lazy. I dislike how much effort you have to put into everything to become at least self sufficient. I dislike how people tell me to work hard to make something out of myself. Why should I work hard? I always found that working smart was a much easier and lazier lifestyle. After finishing my college education, I find this world too overwhelming for me.

I've recently started reading historical novels, that portrayed the life style of the people before 16th or 15th century. And I always find that I'm envious of them. Their lives were simple. Honest people working for the sake of their kingdom and their family. I'm sure there were many bad things too, like sub standard medical progress and so on. But still, their lives were easy. Now, because of capitalism, this world is just one big seething competition.

I've always wanted to live a simple life. I was devoid of ambition and the people around me didn't like that. My only wish is to live in a small studio apartment that I can buy someday, work at a stable job. I'm not interested in marriage and so on because it's just a big burden of responsibility that I don't want to carry. I just want to live a small normal life. But in this world, it won't happen I guess.

I'm just tired. Tired of meeting people expectations. Tired of competing. Tired of being told what to do. The best part is I haven't even lived yet. I still haven't got a job or paid taxes or paid bills. Still. I'm tired. 

Thursday, 4 May 2017


The other day I was thinking about all the underprivileged. The people who have terminal diseases. It got me thinking about all these fake people who say things to me in the middle of a conversation like "Think about every one in the hospitals. The ones who cannot do anything and are destined to die. Don't you think we should help them? Don't you think they deserve our compassion and love?"

Now, before I start, let me put it out there that I hate altruism and all forms of it. My answer to the above question would be "Do you really think it is called compassion if we sit beside a man destined to die and we have no power to stop him from doing so?" I mean how is it going to help him. We all know humans crave for attention whether they like to admit it or not, no matter how strongly. But, there is a limit to what we can do. We are not helping the sick by staying beside them. All we are doing is prolonging their guilt and sorrow, they keeping asking questions like "Why did it have to be me?" and continue to blame themselves even further. The sick look at us and think how wonderful it would be to be like us. That is not called compassion, that is called cruelty.

If there is one thing that is absolute in this world, it is death. We all know that death is coming, yet we are so surprised and unprepared for it.

So much drama.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Real Human Being

I believe that the limit of every human being is made up by our fore fathers when people started doing outrageous things like claiming that the earth is the center of our solar system or that the earth is flat not round. Humans have no limit if you ask me. We are beings with outstanding potential, even god-like, but no... Retards are reproducing faster that the real human being, the one who has the real outstanding potential and has discovered it.

We humans have accomplished many great feats like travelling to outer space, building huge skyscrapers. Everyone shunned those people. They said humans will never accomplish great things. But, someone did. A real human did. And often those real humans are misunderstood by the society and they cannot move forward. It is our job as normal people to make sure that , that potential doesn't go unnoticed and is realized. There are real humans in world, humans with the potential, hope and the imagination to reach the gods themselves all inside one tiny little body.

When Einstein was in school and throughout his life before he became famous, no one encouraged him. They all shunned him and told him he couldn't do it. But he did, not to prove them wrong, but to prove to himself that this is not his limit. Edison failed almost a thousand times before he invented the light bulb. he was discouraged by everyone and I'm sure he even thought to himself once that he was going to fail, but he kept moving on, believing in his potential not to prove others that he can do it, to prove it to himself that this was not the end. A wise man once said,"Every mistake is an opportunity".

If one of you real humans beings are reading this, know that this is not the end. Know that people will continue to hate you and loathe you, know that you will never be acknowledged in society. But do not falter, The world is a train and you are in the engine room. Yo u run this world and you carry all the retards on your back. Do not give up. for you have barely touched the surface of your potential. Move on, for this is not the end, for you , it will never be.

- Rasputin.